Foremost in the process of designing and building a home is the concept that we interpret your ideas and vision, and respect your ideas and dreams for your home design in Adelaide.

Nicholas Ingerson Architect is a multi disciplinary Adelaide Architect who specialises in design, architecture, sustainability advice and rating services. Our projects are very efficient and durable.

We offer services for residential extensions and renovations, new homes holiday units.

The scope of services includes


  • We use the Autodesk Revit programme to develop designs in a 3-dimensional format, providing accurate modelling from commencement of design.
  • We encourage Ecologically sustainable design (ESD) principles to ensure comfortable, sustainable and durable solutions for our clients.
  • We consider environmental and climatic factors at the beginning of the design process. The house orientation is of principal focus to set all other parameters in place.
  • We position and design your house in a way that maximizes the penetration of sunlight during winter and minimizes during summer.
  • We focus on the external envelope to maximize views and access to external spaces, while protecting the house from heat loss/gain through complex insulated wall systems and highly performing glazing methods.
  • We use high thermal mass materials located strategically, to moderate seasonal and daily temperature.
  • We design obstruction-free breeze paths to your home. Openings in all the rooms are best placed strategically to create air movement across the room.
  • We apply green technologies to save energy and your money. Our ESD philosophy maximizes the access to fresh air, sunshine and natural daylight and minimizes the use of air conditioners.

Specific Properties Design

Specific fields of Home Design include:

  • Maritime and Coastal Regions - We have many years of experience in construction in coastal regions, accumulating a wealth of information on applicable resistant materials.
  • Hills and Sloping Sites - An understanding of how to touch the ground lightly enables one to take maximum advantage of such sites with minimal cost.
  • Bushfire Areas - Our knowledge and awareness when designing for comfort and safety in bushfire areas is paramount, with compliance not considered to be a burden. Knowing that one is as safe as practically possible provides reassurance and allows continued relaxation in what can become a possible hostile environment.
  • Self-sufficient sites - We design for local and remote areas where people have no electrical grid connection, require water self-sufficiency and on-site waste disposal.

Working Drawings and Specifications

We prepare detailed Working Drawings, and Specifications to enable

  • Speedy Building Code assessment and approval
  • Accurate and competitive building tenders to achieve the best possible pricing for the contract.

Contract Administration

We provide administration of the Building Contract to assure that the builder maintains speedy and accurate construction programmes, adheres to the documentation, and persue the highest standard of the completed design through the following:

  • Periodic site meetings
  • Assessment of work under construction
  • Assessment of builders claims for payment
  • Continuing assistance in material and finishes selection
  • Management and formalization of all changes and modifications